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MozFBRH for Mozilla Firebird

By Paradox

The MozFBRH extension for Mozilla Firebird enhances the navigation toolbar by adding Middle Click/Control+Click/Shift+Click functions to the Back, Forward, Reload, Home, and Throbber Buttons, as well as the Back and Forward history dropdown menus, making the navigation toolbar buttons work much like normal links in the browser window. As of 0.70 it also adds several "multiclick" (aka clicking left and right mouse at the same time) events that allow you to execute other useful functions.


Upgrade Instructions

There should not be any problems installing new versions of MozFBRH on top of old ones, however the overlays have changed a lot since the last version, so you might want to delete the xul.mfl file in your profile folder after installing the new version.

Installation Link:

Click Here To Install MozFBRH


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Known Issues with Current Version

Release History

Version 0.8.2

Version 0.8.1

Version 0.8.0

Version 0.7.2

Version 0.7.1

Version 0.7.0

Version 0.6.1

Version 0.6.0

Version 0.5.1

Version 0.5.0

Version 0.4.3

Version 0.4.2

Version 0.4.1

Version 0.4.0

Version 0.3.0

Version 0.2.0

Version 0.1.0

The mozfbrh project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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